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Tutorial of basic features

What we want to achieve in this tutorial: We have a domain name, We want to define the following records:

  • goes to (A record)
  • goes to (A record)
  • * goes to (catch-all A record)
  • has the Google Apps MX records described here. (MX records)
  • is a CNAME to (CNAME record)

I am assuming you already created your account, you logged in, and you are now staring at the New Domain form.

  • Add the domain name in the New Domain form. Please don't use the one I used (, as you will not be able to create it as it already exists in the system. Pick another one. Your domain or another random test domain.

  • Click the newly added domain to go to the Records Page. You should see an empty records table, and several forms below it.
  • Let's add the record for Write in the edit box labeled content, then click Add record.

  • At this point if you have a proper browser you should see the new record in the records table. To test it, please make a direct request to for the IP address of In Linux you can do this with the following command: dig In Windows you can use nslookup in a command prompt (Start → Run → cmd).

  • Now let's add the www subdomain: Write www in the “name” text box, and in the “content” box. Click add record.
  • Add the catch-all subdomain: * in the “name” box, in the “content” box. Click add.
  • To add an MX record, set the type of the record to MX, write the MX in the content section (for example ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM.), and set the priority in the priority section, then click Add.
  • Finally let's add the CNAME record. Set the type to CNAME, and write in the content box. Click add.
  • Done. The final results should look like this:

You can edit records by clicking inside the Records table on the element you want to change.

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