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 +==== How credits are subtracted ====
 +Every time a user requests the IP of a smart subdomain, credits are subtracted from your account. Just to make this more clear, by smart subdomains we don't mean normal subdomains, those are free; we mean subdomains linked to scripts. The number of subtracted credits depends on the resources used by your script:
 +  * Basic cost of one smart subdomain request => 1 credit
 +  * If you activate network name detection (aka Autonomous System Number / AS/ ASN) => +3 credits
 +  * If you activate city detection (country, city, latitude, longitude...) => +2 credits
 +  * If you activate country detection => +1 credit
 +  * If you activate extra info sharing => +0 credits (free)
 +  * If you activate uptime info sharing => +0 credits (free)
 +So each time the IP of a smart subdomain is requested, 1 to 7 credits are subtracted from your account.
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