Dynamic DNS API

You can update your A or AAAA records with a simple HTTP GET request.

Basic example: http://api.geoscaling.com/dns2/dynamic/?host=dynamic.nyuu.org

This updates the dynamic.nyuu.org subdomain with your auto-detected remote ip.

The API uses basic HTTP authentication with your username and password.

Example of Linux commands that would update your IP address:

lynx -source -auth=USERNAME:PASSWORD 'http://api.geoscaling.com/dns2/dynamic/?host=dynamic.nyuu.org'
wget -O - --http-user=USERNAME --http-passwd=PASSWORD 'http://api.geoscaling.com/dns2/dynamic/?host=dynamic.nyuu.org' 
curl -u $USERNAME:$PASSWORD "http://api.geoscaling.com/dns2/dynamic/?host=ynamic.nyuu.org&content=$IP_ADDRESS"

where dynamic.nyuu.org is your own subdomain.

Other optional GET variables:

  • type - default is A, can be set to A or AAAA
  • content - default is your remote address, can be set to an IPv4 or IPv6 ip address, depending on the selected type
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